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Leaves Pathfinder

Leaves Pathfinder

Autumn LeavesBooks you can take with you are in this number range
581-582 in both the children's and adults section of the Library

When searching our catalog use these subjects:
Leaves (color)
Fall Foliage 

Helpful reference books:
Why do Leaves Change their Color? - E582.1604 Mae (Located at Voorhees, Gloucester,
     Haddon, and South County)  Good Information, Great pictures!
How Leaves Change - J581.1042 Joh (Located at all CCL Libraries)
    Good detailed information.
Autumn Leaves - E581.48 Rob (Located at Voorhees)

Suggested magazine and journal indexes:
Explora from Ebscohost


Fall Color - from

USDA Forest Service - Fall Color Information

Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall? - from the Smithsonian