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Borrowing and Internet Policies

Our current borrowing policies are not in effect, as all library buildings are closed.  All library cards will continue to work with our digital content, even if they are expired.  All checked-out items have had their due dates extended until July 31, 2020.

Borrowing Policies

Get a library card | Checkout guidelines | Fees and Charges | Computer registration | Circulation Policies | Internet policy

Get a library card

Bring 2 forms of identification that show your name and address or 1 photo ID with name and address to receive a library card. Children ages 14 and under must be with a parent or guardian. You can also apply for a library card online.  You are eligible for free membership if you live in a member community.

See the complete policy.

If you do not live in a member community you may purchase a membership.  The cost is $25 for three months, $50 for six months or $85 for one year.  If you are 65 years old or above and do not live in a member community, a nonresident individual membership may be purchased for $20.   If you are a veteran, Camden County school employee, librarian, student, official or employee of Camden County, you may be eligible for a free membership.  See the eligibility requirements.

Checkout guidelines

  • Books and audiobooks may be borrowed for 21 days.
  • CDs and DVDs may be borrowed for a 1 week period.
  • DVD sets with four or more volumes may be borrowed for 21 days.
  • Grab and Go books are loaned for a 7 day period.
  • Grab and Go DVDs are loaned for a 3 day period.
  • Magazines may be borrowed for 7 days from all of our locations.
  • Book Club in a Bag materials may be borrowed for eight weeks (no renewals).
  • Museum Passes may be borrowed for 4 days with no renewals.

You may renew most library material twice only as long as there are no outstanding requests for the material.  Items can be renewed using My CamCat in our online catalog or by calling 856-772-3486. Grab and Go items may not be renewed.


Fees and Charges

As of July 1, 2019, most Camden County Library owned materials will no longer have overdue fines. Grab and Go items and Museum Passes will be assessed extended use fees since they are high demand collections with limited availability.  The extended use fee for Grab and Go items is $.20 per day.  The extended use fee for Museum Passes is $5.00 per day.  Materials that are owned by other libraries and borrowed through Interlibrary Loan are still subject to fines.  Fees for lost or damaged materials remain. If any item is overdue by more than two weeks, nothing more may be borrowed until the overdue item is returned.  

Notices:  It is the responsibility of each borrower to know when their materials are due. As a courtesy, the Library will send a reminder notice or overdue notice. Failure to receive this notice is not grounds for the cancellation of fees. All library notices are sent via email or telephone message (at the borrower’s preference). Final overdue notices are sent by postal mail. It is the borrower’s responsibility to keep the Library informed of changes in telephone number and e-mail address. As a courtesy, notices will be generated in the following cycles:

  • Courtesy/reminder notice: three days prior to due date (email only)
  • First overdue notice: 7 days past due date
  • Second overdue notice: 14 days past due date
  • Billed for replacement: 34 days past due date

You may pay your  at any branch or online through Paypal (you do not need to have a Paypal account).  Visa/MasterCard is accepted  at all branches.

Computer registration

You must present your library card to register for computer time. This applies to computers that customers use for Internet Access and software applications. However, this does not apply to computers dedicated to the catalog or reference resources.

If you live in a nonmember community, you may obtain a visitor pass to use a computer.

Using your library card rather than your name protects your privacy and gives us an accurate count of computer users.

Internet Policy

Policy Statement: The Library provides free Internet access as part of our mission to meet the recreational, informational, and educational needs of our public. The Library does not endorse the viewpoints or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of information accessed via the Internet. Parents or guardians of minors using the Internet are responsible for providing guidance to the children under their care.


  1. The Library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to a user’s computer files, data or property, including USB flash drives or other media, software or hardware.
  2. The Library accepts no responsibility for the security of transactions involving credit card numbers, account numbers or any other private information on public computers and the library staff will not provide assistance for these transactions. Users who choose to enter personal data and credit card information or make purchases over the Internet do so at their own risk.
  3. Library computing resources should be used in accordance with the commonly accepted ethical standards of the Library. Examples of unacceptable use (some of which may also have legal consequences) include but are not limited to the following:
    •    Transmitting harassing or threatening material or messages
    •    Distribution of unsolicited advertising (spam)
    •    Violation of computer system security
    •    Violation of software license agreements
    •    Conducting illegal activities of any kind
  4. A valid library card from the Camden County Library System or guest card may be required to use computers with Internet access and certain software applications.
  5. A customer may print material from the computer. A customer may also save or download material to a USB flash drive or other storage device. Any file saved to the computer’s Documents folder will not be stored beyond the end of a customer’s session.  Files saved or downloaded to any other locations are stored until the computer is restarted and may be viewed by other patrons until then.
  6. Due to computer security risks the Library reserves the right to prohibit the downloading and installing of certain file types such as executable and batch files.
  7. In accordance with the Child Internet Protection Act, all public computers in the library that access the Internet have a default filter for children or adults.
  8. Adult library cards, which are issued to adults 17 and older, and non- filtered guest cards allow customers to lift or restore the filter at will. Children’s cards and filtered guest cards, which are issued to customers who are 16 or younger, do not allow the customer to lift the filter.
  9. Staff will provide an unfiltered guest card if requested by a customer 13 to 16 years of age for research purposes or if a site is being improperly blocked.
  10. The Library may require children 12 and under to use designated computers accompanied by an adult for the entire session. The Library may also designate specific computers for certain age groups.
  11. Viewing or printing material from the Internet that constitutes obscenity as defined in NJSA 2C:34-2 or 2C:34-3 violates NJ State law against public communication of indecency (NJSA 2C:34-4) and is prohibited.
  12. The Library reserves the right to restrict access to selected sites to ensure the most efficient use of resources.
  13. The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.
  14. The Library may set limits on the length and frequency of computer sessions in order to meet demand.