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Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Diversity Statement

Mission | Vision | Core Values | Diversity Statement

The Camden County Library System’s Mission

We meet the learning, recreational and informational needs of our customers, providing an open environment for our community.

The Camden County Library System’s Vision

We are the Camden County Library System, your gateway to the world. With you, we create bridges that begin in Camden County and lead to the destination of your choice. Building on our proud heritage, we use technology to extend beyond our walls.

We exist to bring people, ideas and opportunities together in many resourceful ways. We promote continuous improvement in Camden County by fostering community growth and cooperation. We measure our success by your success.

The Camden County Library System's Core Values

We ensure equitable access to Library resources. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
We welcome, engage, and reflect all people in our communities. 

Healthy Workplace
We foster an encouraging, caring, safe and supportive work environment. 

We act with honesty and trustworthiness and hold ourselves to high ethical standards. 

Intellectual Freedom
We support free and open access to information.

Lifelong Learning
We provide resources that support learning in every stage of life. 

We protect the right to privacy and confidentiality. 

Social Responsibility
We strengthen our communities and advance the common good.

 Camden County Library Diversity Statement

The Camden County Library System plays a crucial role in supporting and enriching our diverse communities.  Libraries are for everyone, and everyone deserves equitable access to information, services, and resources.  We ensure this access by providing an inclusive, welcoming, safe environment and by actively supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion in every aspect of our services.

Every action that we take is purposeful and mindful of our commitment to diversity.  We provide equitable access to services and resources.  We maintain balanced collections that are representative of the diversity and interests in the communities we serve.  We recruit and retain a diverse staff that conveys cultural humility and empathy with every customer and coworker. 

Ensuring that our Library consistently supports these principles is an ongoing commitment. We affirm our support of the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights and ALA’s interpretation that pertains to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and guard against all forms of racism, discrimination, and prejudice that impede access to information.  Racism, discrimination, and prejudice are antithetical to our Library’s mission and are not tolerated in our spaces.

The Camden County Library System creates opportunities for our communities by removing barriers to our facilities, collections, programs, and services.  By upholding our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we enable our communities to achieve their goals in an atmosphere that welcomes the contributions of all.