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Digital Magazines

Go directly to the Magazine Collection (in a web browser) | Use the Libby App

RB Digital Magazines Now Available Through Libby!RBDigital Magazines are now available with a different name through Overdrive and the Libby app.

Choose from a much expanded selection: there are thousands of  magazines, with three years of back issues available.  There are no limits and no wait lists.  

 The magazines have been added to the audiobooks and eBooks that we already offer through Overdrive and can be accessed in the same way (instructions for using Overdrive).  Checkout periods are the same as well: choose from 7 or 14 days.  Magazines don't count toward your Overdrive borrowing limit, so read as many as you'd like!

 While audiobooks and ebooks are part of a collection shared with libraries in South Jersey, magazines are only available for Camden County Library cardholders.  Because of this, when you go to the main page of the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Center, you will need to be logged in to see the magazines.

Use the Libby App

You can search for, check out and read magazines directly using the Libby app, just as you did with Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks. (Get the app and instructions on using Libby.)  When you open the Libby app on your device, you can see eBooks, audiobooks, and emagazines. With so much content, and so many magazines to choose from, see below for tips on the best ways to find magazines in Libby.

Tips for Finding Magazines in Libby

To see just the magazines, click on Preferences in the blue bar

Click on Preferences in Libby

From the dropdown Format menu, choose Magazines.

From Preferences Choose Magazine

Click on Apply Preferences.  

See just magazines in Libby

Magazines can currently be found in the "Just Added" section.  They are sorted by default by the date added. Change the sort to "Popularity" to see the most requested magazines first, or sort by "Title" to look for specific magazines. You can also use the search at the top of every page to look for a particular title.

Refine search

You'll also be able to find the magazines after they have moved out of the "Just Added" section by clicking on "Explore".

Click on Explore at Right.

Click on "What's Available."

Click on "Available Magazines."

Click on "more" to see all the magazine categories.

Available Categories