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Using PressReader in a Web Browser | Using the PressReader App

Get access to more than 7,000 of the world’s top newspapers and magazines, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, as soon as they are available on shelves.  Enjoy content from more 120 countries and in more than 60 languages. There are no limits on downloads and they are yours to keep forever.  You will need to reactivate your access to PressReader every 30 days by entering your library barcode and PIN.

Press Reader

Log into PressReader
Use this link the first time you use PressReader or to extend your 30-day access.

Go directly to PressReader 
Use this link if you have already activated 30 days of access, or if you are using a library computer. Log in with your email address and PressReader password.


Using PressReader in a Web Browser

Tap the link to "Log into PressReader" and enter your barcode and PIN on the next page. 

Tap the link for "PressReader." 

Press Reader link

You will be brought to the PressReader website.  Create an account by tapping the green "Sign up" button.

Enter your email address and create a password. Enter your first and last name. Check email communications boxes if you would like to get updates. Tap on the green "Create my account" button.

PressReader opens up in catalog view.  Here you can browse through the many newspapers and magazines that are available.

To browse through different categories, tap on "For You" at the top left.  Tap on the category to see articles about the subject.  

Browse Press Reader using "For You"

To search for specific publications or topics, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top right. 

Enter your search terms, and then tap on the result you want.

search in Press Reader box

On the right side of the publication are four options. 

  • Tap on the calendar to change the date of the issue you want to read. 
  • Tap on the heart icon to add it to your publications.
  • Tap on Listen to have the publication read aloud.
  • Tap the green "Read now" button to read the publication.

Publications that you added to "My Publications" will appear at the top of the start page whenever you return to PressReader.

My Publications in Press Reader

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Using the PressReader App

Download on the App Store

PressReader QR Code for App Store

Get it on Google Play

PressReader QR Code for Google Play

When you have downloaded the app and opened it go to the bottom left corner and tap on "Sign in." (Note: Depending on your device, links may run along the side or bottom of the page, but the name of the links will remain the same.)

Sign in link

Tap on the blue "Libraries & Groups" button.

Select the "Libraries or Groups" button.

Search for "Camden" to quickly find the Camden County Library System, then tap on the link.

Type in "Camden" to quickly find the Camden County Library System

Tap the green "Sign in" button.

Click on the green "Sign in" button.

On the next page log in with your library barcode and PIN.

Log in with your barcode and PIN

Go to the PressReader section on the Library's remote access page and tap on the PressReader link.

On the PressReader main page you will want to create an account so you can save your favorites to view every time you log in.

Tap on "Sign in" in the bottom left corner.

Tap on Sign in at bottom right

Tap on the green "Email" button.

Tap the green Email button.

Choose the "Sign up" button.  (When you return to PressReader after creating an account, choose the "Sign in" button.)

Choose to Sign up

Enter your email address, a password, and your name.

Enter email, password and name


Using the PressReader App

If you have already created an account, tap on the green Email icon.

Choose to continue with email

Enter your email and password and tap on the green "Sign in" button

Enter your email and password and tap on the green "Sign in" button

You will see the Camden County Library popup screen. In the yellow bar you will see the time you have left until you need to revalidate. Close the window by tapping the x on the top left or tap the green "Select Publication" button to go to the PressReader home screen.

  Camden County Library Welcome Screen on Press Reader

You can browse through categories for publications.

Browse through categories

Use the Search box at the top to look for specific publications, stories, or interests.

Search for Publications, Stories & Interests

For interests, choose from the search results the topics you want.

Choose Interests

When you have chosen a publication, interest, or story, tap on "Follow" at the top right to add it to your interests.

Follow the Philadelphia Inquirer

You can choose to auto-download new issues.  You will be prompted to turn on notifications to get an email when each new issue is ready. You can also choose to include all supplements. At the bottom of the publication, tap on the green "Read" button to begin reading. Tap on the down arrow to download the publication to your device.  Tap on the headphone icon to have the publication read aloud.

Philadelphia Inquirer choices

Tap on "For You" in the left column to see the latest from what you have chosen to follow.

Tap on "For You" to see what you are following

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