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Mobile Printing

I've used the service before: take me directly to SmartAlec Printing!

We now offer no-contact pickup of printouts at all our branches.  Send the files you need to be printed out to SmartAlec, our mobile print service.  Go to any branch during no-contact pickup hours, call and give us your library card number.  We will print out your documents and bring them out to you in a bag labeled with your card number, using the same procedures as in no-contact holds pickup.  Printouts of 20 pages or less are free. For print jobs of more than 20 pages, we will charge your Koha account $.15 per page for the extra pages, or $.50 per page for color printouts (available at all branches but Merchantville). You can pay for your printouts by logging into My CamCat and going to the "your charges" tab in the left column. Instructions on paying for printouts (opens in new window).


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