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Dinosaur Pathfinder

Dinosaur Pathfinder

DinosaurBooks you can take with you are in this number range:
j560-j567.91 or y560-y567.91

When searching our catalog use these subjects:
Individual Names -- i.e. Apatosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, etc.

Helpful reference books:
Firefly Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals - JRef. 566.03 Fir 
The Dinosauria - Ref. 567.9 Din
Extraordinary Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life - J567.903 Mil 

Suggested magazine and journal indexes:
Explora from Ebscohost

Zoom Dinosaurs
Dinosaur information resource for families. Well suited for younger readers and educators.

Dinosaur Illustrations
See pictures of dinosaurs from all around the world from the Dinosaur Database.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric: National Geographic Kids

United States Geological Survey - Dinosaurs: Fact and Fiction
Updated information, corrects old misconceptions.

New Scientist Magazine - Dinosaurs
Articles and information from New Scientist magazine.