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Create a SmartAlec Account

Create a SmartAlec account

You must first create a SmartAlec account using the SmartAlec website. See instructions here

Video Instructions

Print instructions

1. Go to

SmartAlec website
2. Click the  “First Time User” button. Click the First Time User Button

3.The system will generate an account number and PIN.  Library members should replace the generated numbers with their library card numbers and PINs.

Guests should keep the assigned numbers in a safe place. They will be needed to print.)

Replace generated number with your library card number

4. Enter your email address or your cell phone number. (If you enter your email address you will be able to use it to sign in instead of your library card/account number.)

Click the Submit button.

Enter your email address or mobile phone number.
5. You will be brought back to the main SmartAlec webpage with a message that your account was created successfully.  In addition you will receive an email or text message with your account information.  Account Created Successfully

6. Now that you have an account you can log into the SmartAlec website, or begin to use the IOS or Android App. 

Go to the SmartAlec site:

Download the IOS App
Download the IOS App

Download the Android App
Download the Android App

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