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Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

The Camden County Library System is pleased to offer free wireless Internet access to customers with appropriately equipped wireless devices.  We offer wireless access at all our branches.

Most users can simply bring their wireless-enabled laptop computer or other wireless device to the library and turn it on.  The computer will automatically recognize the network.  The library wifi, if you need to choose, is called CCLS - Public.

Our wireless network offers you a high speed Internet connection that lets you:

  • Check your e-mail
  • Use the Internet
  • Do online research
  • Check the library catalog and access the library's subscription databases.

Printing is not currently available from the wireless network.  To print you can either save your document and print when you get home, or save your document to a flash drive, and use one of the computers available to you at the library.

Be aware that when using wireless available without a password, users can potentially eavesdrop on each other's data, though it is not usually likely that they will.  If you are transferring confidential information (passwords, credit card numbers, online banking information, health data and so on) you are strongly encouraged to use secure web sites (SSL) or other techniques (SSH, VPN) to safeguard your confidentiality.  The library cannot ensure the privacy of information you transfer over the wireless network.

We can assure you that connecting your computer to the Internet via a wireless network does not increase your risk of exposure to viruses and other such risks.  Wireless hotspots do not produce viruses, which are most often transmitted as attachments to email.  It is strongly recommended that all users install and run a virus protection program.

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