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The Camden County Library System charges $10 per proctored exam.

The Camden County Library System strives to serve the public by offering proctoring services. The following are guidelines for students requesting to use the Camden County Library System facilities as proctoring sites.  

Student Guidelines

As a student, you must:

  1. Bring the proctor form to the location where you will take the exam to be completed. Allow sufficient time for the form to be filled out by the librarian.

  2. Call or email the library in advance to schedule a test time. If unable to keep appointment please contact the library.

  3. Show up promptly at appointed time for exam. Bring proper identification as specified by institution. We can not administer the exam if you fail to bring the ID that is specified by the institution.

  4. Bring all test taking supplies.

  5. Complete the exam within the time frame specified by the institution guidelines.

  6. Be responsible for postage if the institution does not provide postage. If special mailing instructions are specified, for example Federal Express, student is responsible for taking sealed test to the appropriate mailbox.

Note:  Computers are available at all Camden County Library sites.  The South County and Voorhees Regional Branches offer a separate computer classroom.  Computers used for online exams will be available for up to three hours.

Exams will be proctored as conditions warrant.