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Mobile Printing From Your Android Device

Printing From Your Android Device

For instructions, watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions below. 

Step 1: Download the app and sign in

1. Install the SmartAlec @ Your Library app from the Google Play Store.

Download the Android App

Download the Android App

2. Open the app. If you already have a SmartAlec account, log in with your library card number or your email address. (If you haven't created a SmartAlec account yet, see instructions here.) 

Login Screen for Android

3. Exit the app. The app does not need to be open in order to upload your files for printing.


STEP 2: Upload your files

Apps used on an Android device may have different commands to print. The most common ways to print from an app are using the Share icon or the More options (3 dots) icon. 

The steps below show a demonstration of printing a photo using SmartAlec.

1. Open the item you want to print. Click on the More Options (3 dots) or the Share link in the top right corner.

More Options (3 Dots)


More (3 dots)

2. Click on the "Select a printer" dropdown menu. (You may need to scroll to see all options.)

Select a printer

3. Choose the SmartAlec Printer.

4. You may get a popup message, asking if you want to use SmartAlec.  Click on the "OK" button.

5. Click the Printer icon.

Printer icon

6. Optional: Open the SmartAlec app to view a list of your active print jobs. (You can print without opening the app.)

SmartAlec Print Jobs

STEP 3: Pick up Your Document Using No-Contact Pickup

During no-contact pickup hours, drive to your local branch.  Call the holds-pickup number and tell the staff member you have printouts.  Give your library card number to identify your printouts. Complete instructions for no-contact pickup.