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Local Names for Communities in Camden County

Local Names for Communities in Camden County

Member communities, post office names and local designations for parts of member communities

Albion                                                Local name-Winslow Twp.

Ancora                                   Local name-Winslow Twp.

Audubon Park                                                                                  Borough        PO

Ashland                                 Local name-Voorhees Twp.

Barrington                                                                                         Borough        PO

Bellmawr                                                                                           Borough        PO

Berlin Township                   AKA – West Berlin               Township     

Blackwood                            Local name-Gloucester Twp.                                 PO

Blenheim                              Local name-Gloucester Twp.

Blue Anchor                        Local name-Winslow Twp.

Braddock                               Local name-Winslow Twp.

Brighton Heights                  Local name-Voorhees Twp.          

Brooklawn                                                                                         Borough        PO

Brownsville                           Local name-Clementon

Camden Almshouse           Local name-Gloucester Twp.                                 Asylum

Cedar Brook                          Local name-Winslow Twp.

Chesilhurst                                                                                       Borough        PO

Chews Landing                   Local name-Gloucester Twp.

Clementon                                                                                        Borough

Crystal Lake                          Local name-Haddon Twp. 

Cuthbert                                Local name-Haddon Twp.

Dicktown                               Local name-Winslow Twp.

Echelon                                 Local name-Voorhees Twp.

Elm                                         Local name-Winslow Twp.

Erial                                        Local name-Gloucester Twp.

Florence                                Local name-Winslow Twp.

Gibbsboro                                                                                          Borough        PO

Glen Oaks                             Local name- Gloucester Twp.

Glendale                                Local name-Voorhees Twp.

Glendora                               Local name- Gloucester Twp.                                PO

Gloucester Township                                                                      Township

Gordon Lake                         Local name-Clementon    

Grenloch                               Local name-Winslow Twp.

Haddon Township                                                                           Township

Hi-Nella                                                                                             Borough

Hilltop                                     Local name-Gloucester Twp.        

Kirkwood                               Local name-Voorhees Twp.

Kresson                                 Local name-Voorhees Twp.

Lakeland                               Local name-Gloucester Twp.

Lambs Terrace                     Local name-Gloucester Twp.

Laurel Springs                                                                                  Borough       

Lawnside                                                                                           Borough        PO

Lindenwold                                                                                       Borough       

Lucastown                            Local name-Lindenwold

Magnolia                                                                                           Borough        PO

Merchantville                                                                                    Borough        PO

Mount Ephraim                                                                                Borough        PO

New Brooklyn                       Local name-Winslow Twp.

                                                    and Gloucester County                         

New Freedom                       Local name-Winslow Twp.

Oakdale                                 Local name-Haddon Twp.

Oaklyn                                                                                               Borough        PO

Oreston                                  Local name-Voorhees Twp.

Pine Hill                                                                                             Borough        PO

Pine Valley                                                                                       Borough

Point Pleasant                    Local name-Gloucester Twp.

Reed Crossing                        Local name-Berlin Twp.

Sicklertown                             Local name-Winslow Twp.

Sicklerville                               Local name-Winslow Twp.                

Somerdale                                                                                          Borough          PO

Tansboro                                 Local name-Winslow Twp.    

Tavistock                                                                                            Borough

Voorhees                                                                                             Township         PO

Waterford Works                    Local name-Winslow Twp.                

West Atco                               Local name-Winslow Twp.    

West Berlin                                                                                                                  PO      

West Collingswood               Local name-Haddon Twp.                    Extension

Winslow Junction                    Local name-Winslow Twp.

Winslow Township                                                                              Township        

Woodlynne                                                                                          Borough          PO



Amon Heights                            Local name-Pennsauken

Atco                                         Local name-Waterford Twp.

Atco Lake                                Local name-Waterford Twp.

Audubon borough                    PO

Berlin Borough                        Borough        PO

Bethel                                      Local name-Pennsauken       

Biedeman                                Local name-Pennsauken

Bishops                                   Local name-Waterford Twp.

Broadway                                Local name-Camden

Cherry Hill Township                   PO

Cloversdale                             Local name-Gloucester City

Coffins Corner                        Local name-Cherry Hill

Colwick                                   Local name-Cherry Hill

Collingswood  Borough            PO

Cooper Point                           Local name-Camden

Cramer Hill                              Local name-Camden

Deer Park                               Local name-Cherry Hill

Delair                                       Local name-Pennsauken       

Delair Station                        Local name-Pennsauken

Delaware Gardens                  Local name-Pennsauken

Dudley                                   Local name-Pennsauken

Dunbarton                               Local name-Waterford Twp.

East Camden                        Local name-Camden

East Pennsauken                    Local name-Pennsauken

Erlton                                       Local name-Cherry Hill

Fairview                                  Local name-Pennsauken

Fisher                                      Local name-Waterford Twp.

Glenmore                                Local name-Runnemede

Gloucester City                                                                                                   

Gloucester Heights                 Local name-Gloucester City

Haddon Heights  Borough          PO

Haddonfield Borough          PO

Highland Park                       Local name-Gloucester City

Hillcrest                                   Local name-Pennsauken

Homesteadville                       Local name-Pennsauken

Huttons Hill                              Local name-Cherry Hill

Jackson                                  Local name-Waterford Twp.

Jordantown                             Local name-Waterford Twp.

Kaighn Point                            Local name-Camden

Knight Park                             Local name-Collingswood

Liberty Park                            Local name-Camden

Locust Grove                        Local name-Cherry Hill

Louden                                    Local name-Waterford Twp.

Merchantville Park                  Local name-Pennsauken

Morris                                      Local name-Pennsauken

Morrisville                                Local name-Pennsauken

Newbold                                  Local name-Gloucester City

North Camden                        Local name-Camden

North Pennsville                      Local name-Pennsauken

Oreston                                   Local name-Audubon

Parkside                                  Local name-Camden

Pennsauken Township         PO

Pestletown                              Local name-Waterford Twp.

Runnemede  Borough          PO

Springdale                               Local name-Cherry Hill

Stratford     Borough          PO

Waterford Township               Township

Watsontown                            Local name- Clementon/ Laurel Springs

Wellwood                                Local name-Pennsauken

Whitman Park                       Local name-Camden

Woodcrest                               Local name-Cherry Hill

Yorkship                                  Local name-Camden