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Local Names for Communities in Camden County

APPENDIX A : Member communities, post office names and local designations for parts of member communities
Albion Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Ancora Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Audubon Park     Borough PO
Ashland Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Barrington      Borough PO
Bellmawr     Borough PO
Berlin Township AKA – West Berlin Township      
Blackwood   Local name-Gloucester Twp.                                  PO
Blenheim Local name-Gloucester Twp.      
Blue Anchor    Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Braddock  Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Brighton Heights  Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Brooklawn     Borough PO
Brownsville  Local name-Clementon      
Camden Almshouse Local name-Gloucester Twp.     Asylum
Cedar Brook Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Chesilhurst     Borough PO
Chews Landing Local name-Gloucester Twp.      
Cooper Point Local name-Camden      
Cramer Hill Local name-Camden      
Crystal Lake Local name-Haddon Twp.   Borough  
Cuthbert Local name-Haddon Twp.      
Dicktown Local name-Winslow Twp.      
East Camden  Local name-Camden      
Echelon  Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Elm  Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Gibbsboro      Borough PO
Glen Oaks Local name- Gloucester Twp.      
Glendale Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Glendora Local name- Gloucester Twp.     PO
Gloucester Township     Township  
Gordon Lake  Local name-Clementon      
Grenloch Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Haddon Township     Township  
Hi-Nella     Borough  
Hilltop  Local name-Gloucester Twp.      
Kaighn Point  Local name-Camden      
Kirkwood  Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Kresson Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Lakeland Local name-Gloucester Twp.      
Lambs Terrace Local name-Gloucester Twp.      
Laurel Springs     Borough  
Lawnside     Borough PO
Liberty Park Local name-Camden      
Lindenwold      Borough  
Lucastown Local name-Lindenwold      
Magnolia      Borough PO
Merchantville     Borough PO
Mount Ephraim     Borough PO
New Brooklyn Local name-Winslow Twp. and
Gloucester County     
New Freedom Local name-Winslow Twp.      
North Camden Local name-Camden      
Oakdale  Local name-Haddon Twp.      
Oaklyn      Borough PO
Oreston Local name-Voorhees Twp.      
Parkside Local name-Camden      
Pine Hill     Borough PO
Pine Valley      Borough  
Point Pleasant Local name-Gloucester Twp.      
Reed Crossing Local name-Berlin Twp.      
Sicklertown Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Sicklerville Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Somerdale     Borough PO
Tansboro Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Tavistock      Borough  
Voorhees      Township PO
Waterford Works  Local name-Winslow Twp      
West Atco  Local name-Winslow Twp.       
West Berlin        PO
West Collingswood Local name-Haddon Twp.   Extension  
Winslow Junction Local name-Winslow Twp.      
Winslow Township      Township  
Woodlynne     Borough PO
Yorkship Local name-Camden      
Atlantic County        
Amon Heights Local name-Pennsauken      
Atco Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Atco Lake Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Audubon Borough       PO
Berlin Borough     Borough PO
Bethel Local name-Pennsauken      
Biedeman Local name-Pennsauken      
Bishops Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Broadway Local name-Camden      
Cherry Hill Township       PO
Cloversdale Local name-Gloucester City      
Coffins Corner Local name-Cherry Hill      
Colwick  Local name-Cherry Hill      
Collingswood  Borough      PO
Deer Park Local name-Cherry Hill      
Delair Local name-Pennsauken      
Delair Station Local name-Pennsauken      
Delaware Gardens Local name-Pennsauken      
Dudley Local name-Pennsauken      
Dunbarton Local name-Waterford Twp.      
East Pennsauken Local name-Pennsauken      
Erlton Local name-Cherry Hill      
Fairview Local name-Pennsauken      
Fisher Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Glenmore Local name-Runnemede      
Gloucester City        
Gloucester Heights Local name-Gloucester City      
Haddon Heights     Borough PO
Haddonfield      Borough PO
Highland Park Local name-Gloucester City      
Hillcrest Local name-Pennsauken      
Homesteadville Local name-Pennsauken      
Huttons Hill  Local name-Cherry Hill      
Jackson Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Jordantown  Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Knight Park Local name-Collingswood      
Locust Grove Local name-Cherry Hill      
Louden Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Merchantville Park Local name-Pennsauken      
Morris Local name-Pennsauken      
Morrisville Local name-Pennsauken      
Newbold Local name-Gloucester City      
North Pennsville Local name-Pennsauken      
Oreston Local name-Audubon      
Pennsauken Township     PO
Pestletown Local name-Waterford Twp.      
Runnemede  Borough               PO
Springdale  Local name-Cherry Hill      
Stratford     Borough PO
Waterford Township              Township  
Watsontown  Local name- Clementon/ Laurel Springs  
Wellwood Local name-Pennsauken      
Whitman Park Local name-Camden      
Woodcrest Local name-Cherry Hill