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The Camden County Library System has cancelled all in-person programming until further notice.   While the buildings are closed the virtual branch is still open.

Looking for more activities?  Check out our econtent, online research, and online education offerings!  Our museum pass program is not currently available, but these museums (and more) are now offering virtual experiences.

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Use the links in the above table to narrow your search to a single branch, or just adult, children's or teen/tween events.  Below you will find instructions for more detailed searching, registering for a program, and other useful tools the calendar offers.

Searching for Events | Registering for an Event | Additional Features of the Events Calendar

Searching for an Event/Program


1. To search in all branches

At the top of this page there is a small calendar for the month.  Click on a day to see events for that day, or click on the month name to see events for the entire month.  You can also click on the link at the top of this page for All Events. - All Branches.


Events Calendar


2. The Event Calendar

You will be brought to a calendar that shows you all the events for every branch for that month.  You may narrow down your search to look in just one branch or for certain kinds of events.


3. Displaying the Search Box

To change where you are searching or what you are searching for, click on the "Search"  button near the top of the page.  You can also click on the words "Search Slider." 



4. The Search Box

At the left of the calendar a search box will appear.  Here you can limit your search.  Click on the words "Search Slider" above the calendar to make this box disappear.


5. Search by Keyword

You can search by keyword if you have a good idea of what you are looking for.  For example, if you know that you want information on summer reading, you can enter "summer reading" into the keyword search box.  This kind of search will lead to very few results, so if you really want to know about all children's events, you are better off using different limits to your search, as described below.



6. Calendar vs. List View

If you want to see just the names of the events in a calendar view, choose "Calendar" under "Display Format."  If you want a complete description of every program, choose "List."


7. Search in Certain Locations

If you would like to see events in every branch, make sure box next to "ALL LOCATIONS" is checked.  If you wish to search in one or more branches, click on the checked box next to "ALL LOCATIONS"  so that all the boxes become unchecked.  Then click the boxes next to just those branches you wish to search.. 


8. Search for Certain Categories

You can search for certain events types, like Book Chats or Author Signings.  Click on the box next to "ALL EVENT TYPES"  so that no boxes are checked.  Then click the boxes next to the categories you are interested in.



9. Search for Particular Age Groups

You can look at events for a single age group.  Click on the box next to "Age Groups"  so that no boxes are checked.  Then click the boxes next to any age category you wish to find. 

Registering for an Event


1. If you are searching in calendar view, click on the name of the event to get more details.  If an event requires registration, the name of the title will be underlined.

 An event listing will include the event type, date, time, location, description, age and whether there are openings available.  There are a number of choices in the bar above the event - instructions for those choices are below.


2. To register for an event, click on the link "More Info/Register."


3. On the next page, fill in your first name, last name, and phone number.  Enter your e-mail address to receive registration confirmation and a reminder closer to the program date.  Click on the "Complete Registration" button.


4.  If you have entered an e-mail address you will receive the message that a confirmation e-mail has been sent. 


5.  The next page and the e-mail will both confirm your registration.  You will only need the confirmation number if you wish to cancel your reservation online. 


Additional Features

Personal Schedule | Similar Events | E-mail a Friend | Notifications | Printing | Download to Calendar | RSS

1. Display Personal Schedule

Near the top of the page in both calendar and list view is a link to "Display Personal Schedule."  To see all the events you are registered for, click on the link and then enter your name and telephone number.  A new page will come up where you can see every program you are registered for, with date, time, title, description and location.  You can also cancel registrations for events you can no longer attend.


Personal Schedule

2. Show Similar

If you would like to see other events in the same category, click on the "Show Similar" button.

3. E-mail a Friend

If you would like to spread the word about a program to friends, click on the "E-mail a friend" link. 


3a. In the window that opens up, enter your name and e-mail address, and your friend's e-mail address.  You can also include a personal note.  Click the "Send" button to send the note by e-mail.

4. Notify Me

If you wish to receive e-mails to let you know about other events in that category, click on the link "Notify me."


4a. Enter your first and last name and e-mail address.  Then click the "Submit" button.


4b. You will receive a notification by e-mail each time a new program is added for that Event Type.

5. Printing

If you would like a printout of the program listing, click on the "Print" button.  A new window will pop up.  Click "Print" to print out just the information for that program.  A command will be sent to your printer to print that page. 

6. Download to Calendar

If you have Outlook on your computer and click the "Download to Calendar" link, it will open up a "New appointment" window in Outlook so that you can add the event to your calendar.

7. RSS Feed

You can subscribe to the calendar's RSS Feed to get notifications each time an event is added to the calendar.  Click on the RSS link near the top of the page and a page will come up in your browser to add the feed to your list of feeds.

RSS Events

Cancelling an Event Registration

To cancel a previously made reservation for a program, you will need the confirmation number from your registration.  This number can be found in the e-mail that was sent from the library confirming your reservation.  Cancel Event Registration   You can also cancel a registration using your name and phone number by going to the Events Calendar and clicking the link at the top, "Display Personal Schedule." (more information). If you need assistance, please call your local branch