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Code of Conduct

Customer Behavior

Adopted: April 13, 2022 March 7, 2022 Supercedes:  March 7, 2022, August 19, 2021, July 13, 2021 June 8, 2021

Policy Statement - To guarantee that the Camden County Library System is able to carry out its mission and ensure that no person or group is denied access to Library facilities, programs, or services because of behaviors that create an environment that is unsafe, disruptive, or not conducive to the Library mission, the Camden County Library System has established regulations for customer behavior.  


COVID-19 Health and Safety Regulations:

1. Patrons must wipe touchscreens, keyboards and mice with a sanitizing wipe after each use.

2. All posted occupancy limits must be adhered to.

The following activities are not allowed in Camden County Library System branches:

1.  Talking loudly, making noise or engaging in other disruptive conduct.

2.  Disruptive use of personal entertainment and communication devices including loud cell phone conversations and volume high enough to be heard by others. 

3.  Leaving a child age 7 or under unattended in the library without the supervision of a responsible person age 13 or older.

4.  Interfering with another person’s use of the library or with the library personnel’s performance of their duties. 

5.  Disobeying reasonable directives of a Library staff member.

6.  Eating or drinking in unauthorized areas.

7.  Not wearing shoes and shirt.

8.  Misusing the restrooms (i.e., using as a laundry or washing facility). 

9.  Bringing animals into the library except those needed to assist a patron with a disability or for a Library-sponsored event. 

10.  Soliciting of any kind, including petitioning, canvassing, conducting surveys, and distributing written materials for political, charitable, commercial or religious purposes, within the Library, within 10 feet of all entrances or in any way that interferes with the ability of library customers to enter and exit the premises.

11.  Excessive displays of public affection. 

12.  Entering staff areas without authorization.

13.  Loitering outside on library property, including failure to vacate the property after removal from the property.

14.  Rollerblading, skateboarding or bike riding in unauthorized areas.

15.  Smoking.  

16.  Carrying a weapon into the Library unless authorized by law. Any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify Library staff that he/she is carrying a weapon in the Library. 

17.  Damaging library property.  

18.  Stealing library materials. 

19.  Threatening, harassing or physically harming staff or customers.

20.  Purposely circumventing computer security or filtering software or otherwise tampering with the operation of the computer network.

21.  Engaging in any other activities prohibited by law including those regulating conduct in public places and computer tampering.   

The Library Director is authorized to revoke or restrict Library privileges of any individual who behaves contrary to these rules and to promulgate procedures for enforcing the rules.  The Director is also authorized to file charges against individuals who continually transgress these rules.  

Staff Responsibilities:

All staff members are responsible for enforcing this policy and as infractions are witnessed will address them immediately in accordance with established procedures, including calling police as needed.  


The person in charge of a branch is authorized to utilize or initiate as indicated the sanctions listed below for additional responses to uncooperative or repeat violators.

A customer who refuses to adhere to the COVID-19 Health and Safety Regulations will be immediately banned from the Library System until such time, upon the direction of Public Health Officials, that the Health and Safety Regulations are removed from the Library’s Customer Behavior Policy.

1.  Violations of minor offenses 1-16:

A customer who refuses to stop offending behavior after two verbal warnings will be banned from the Library branch by the person in charge for the rest of the day.

A customer with repeated violations may be banned from the Library branch by the person in charge for one week.

For continued violations a warning letter may be sent by the branch manager to the offending customer or his/her parent(s) or guardian(s).

If violations continue or resume within two weeks of the warning letter, the customer may be banned from the entire system as determined appropriate by the Director.

2.  Violations of major offenses 17 - 22:

The customer will be immediately banned from the Library branch by the person in charge for two weeks and told to expect a letter about the length and nature of a longer ban.  

The customer will be banned from the entire system as determined appropriate by the Director.  

3.  Conditions of the ban:

The suspended customer may not enter the grounds or building of any branch of the system.  If the suspended customer does enter the grounds or building, the police will be called and the customer will face charges of criminal trespass.

4.  Any individual who has been banned from the Library may have the decision of the Director reviewed by submitting a request in writing to the Camden County Library Commission at:

Camden County Library Commission
203 Laurel Road
Voorhees, NJ  08043