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Using the Freading Mobile App

Freading appThe Freading mobile app is a reader that you can use to view Freading books on your device.  Search for titles using the Freading website on your device's browser and then download the ebooks to open in the app.  At this time the app works with iPhones and iPads, most Android phones and tablets (any that can see the entire Android store) and the Kindle Fire (with additional instructions).    At this time the Freading Mobile App works best with tablets - the Freading website is not optimized for smaller mobile devices, so you will need to scroll and side scroll to see the different features of the site.  (The images used below are from the iPad.)

Additional instructions for the Kindle Fire

First Time You Use the Freading App
Step 1: Get an Adobe ID
Step 2: Download the App
Every time you use Freading
Step 3: Find books on the Freading Website

The First Time You Use the Freading App

a. To use the Freading service, you must have an Adobe ID. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you can create one on your PC or the browser of your device. Go to and click on “Sign In” on the top right of the screen. (If you have an Adobe account, skip to step 2.)

Sign in to Adobe Website
On the Adobe sign in page, click on the link "Don't have an Adobe ID?"
Click on "Don't have an Adobe ID?"
c. Fill out the form and click on the "Create" button.  Write down the password as you will need it in Step 2. Create Adobe ID


Open the App Store on your device and search for "Freading." The free Freading app will show up in the Search Results. 

Search for Freading app
Click on the "Install" button. Install Freading
After the app installs, click on the "Open" button. Open Freading App
The Freading reader will open.  There will be one book available: the user guide for the device.  You will need to activate the app with your Adobe ID.  Click on the icon for more information: on an Apple device this is the "i" in the bottom right corner. (The Droid "more info" icon is usually in the bottom left corner.  Click on the "Account link" to activate your device.) Click on i

A window will open to enter your Adobe user name and password.  Your username is your email address.  The password is the one you created in Step 1.  After you enter this information click on the "Activate" button. 

Close the Freading app and open the browser on your device.

Enter id to activate

Every time you search for new Freading titles

Step 3. Search for titles on the Freading website

Go to Camden County Library's Freading website: .  Bookmark the site as you will start at this page every time you search for Freading books.

Freading Website

Searching for a Title

a.  There are several ways to search the Freading site. You can browse top downloads, new arrivals, or by category, by clicking on the tabs near the top of the screen.

Browse titles
b. You can do a keyword search for title, author, category or publisher by using the search box at the top right of the page and changing the dropdown menu to the right of the search box. Search by title, author, category
c. The books are worth either 1, 2, or 4 tokens.  Newest and most popular books are worth the most tokens. The number of tokens each book is worth can be found in the blue circle at the top left corner of the book jacket.    You may check out books worth a total of 5 tokens each week. Tokens
d. When you have found a book you want, click on "Login to Download" directly underneath the book jacket. Log in to Download
e. Log in with your library card number ( no spaces) and Pin. Log in to Freading
f. After logging in you will be brought back to the same page.  Click on the download link directly below the book jacket.  Note:  Below the download link you will see how many tokens the book is worth. Download the Book by clicking the Download link
g. A window will open.  Choose "Open in 'Freading'." Open in Freading
h. The Freading app will open and the book will appear in the list of titles.  The word "Pending" will appear below the title while it downloads.  When "Pending" disappears the book is ready to read.  Click on the title to read the book.  Return to the Freading app each time you wish to continue reading. Downloaded Titles

Special Kindle Fire Instructions

There are two ways to read Freading books on the Kindle Fire.

1. Use the Overdrive Media Console App

If you already use the Overdrive Media Console App to download Overdrive eBooks, you can use it to read Freading titles.  Start at Step 3 and follow all the instructions until you get to letter g.  Then choose "Open in Overdrive."

2. Download the Freading app

The Freading app can be downloaded onto the Kindle Fire, but not other versions of the Kindle.  To install the app you need to compete several additional steps.

1. Go to the settings on the Kindle Fire (it is the bicycle gear icon at the top) and tap “device”. Turn on the switch for allowing unknown applications.
2. Go to the browser on your Kindle Fire and type in
3. You may be prompted to install the GetJar app at this point, click on 'download' if you are prompted. If not, search for 'getjar' on this site.
4. After you find the GetJar app, click on to download it to your Kindle Fire.
5. A little number icon will appear in a circle next to the name of the Kindle at the top of the display when the download is complete. Click on the number and follow the instructions on the screen to install it.
6. Tap the back arrow on the screen to go back to browse the GetJar store.
7. Search for and download the Freading app.
8. A number icon will appear by the name of the device to indicate the download is complete. Tap the number to find the file to install.
9. The Freading app will now show up on the home page of the Kindle Fire. The first time you turn the Kindle off after the install, you may need to press the sync/refresh button, which is in the first menu after pressing the settings gear icon.
10. Continue from Step 1 above.

Note: If the popup does not appear automatically for the GetJar app when you first visit the website ( you can manually download it by clicking any of the apps on the screen. After this, proceed with step 5.


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