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Technology Help

Your Library, Your Lifeline: Technology Help

Many activities today require that you use a computer.   Whether you're applying for a job, banking online, or helping kids with their homework, you need to have some knowledge of computers to get by.

In the Library | In Camden County | On the Web

In the Library


Check out a book from our collection.
The library has hundreds of books on computers, from how-tos for beginners to advanced programming.  Do a keyword search in the catalog for the program/service you are trying to learn, for example: "microsoft word" or "ipad."

Attend a free library computer class.
The library offers free classes on searching the Web, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and on creating free online e-mail accounts.   Find a computer class.

Use the library's free public computers
Practice your skills by using one of the library's free public computers.

In Camden County

Take a class.
Your local school district may offer inexpensive Adult Education classes on technology.  In addition, Camden County College offers Continuing Education courses.  Senior Citizens are eligible for half-price tuition if space is available.


On the Web

GCF Learn Free offers tutorials and videos on computers and devices, from very basic to advanced subjects.

Microsoft has online classes on computers and the Internet.