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Quaranzine, Volume Two

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Vol. 2 - June 24, 2020

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London PubLondon Pub by Julie S.

When quarantine began, I realized that my travel plans would be changing. I love to travel. I decided to re-visit places I had traveled to in the past...but with my paintbrush.

-- Julie S.

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Bike Riding Through a Park by Mary DavisBike Riding Through a Park: A Photo Collage

Bike riding through the neighborhood park during Covid19. Click on the image to see full collage.

-- Mary D.

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I Wore a Mask Yesterday by Joseph T.I Wore a Mask Yesterday

Poem about a trip to the supermarket during the Pandemic

-- Joseph T.

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Carey on the Couch by Frankie P.Carey on the Couch

I had to finish my last semester of college online, and I made this mokuhanga (japanese woodblock) print for my printmaking class from home. Its a portrait of my sister, spending the beginning of her quarantine playing animal crossing on the couch. As she plays, she exists and finds space in a digital world, and this is evident in her body language even though the screen is not present in the print: she looks forward, she is engaged, she is stretched out and at peace.This moment I’d captured became indicative of what quarantine would become on a larger scale. People have learned new skills, connected with friends in inventive ways, and taken the time to read and play games. I think that although times are strange and difficult, people have shown the capacity to adapt to the limits placed on their surroundings, and this has resulted in a sort of individual expansion that takes place within the self.

-- Frankie P.

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ABC Poem by Harsh S.ABC Poem

This is a ABC poem created by Harsh as a poetry week submission for his school.

-- Harsh S.

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Pandemic by Bonnie R.Pandemic

Just a photo that says we are all in this together.

-- Bonnie R.

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Growth Leads to Happiness Even in a Pandemic

A teacher finds satisfaction through the growth that resulted in the transition to remote learning.

-- Rachel D.

Growth Leads to Happiness by Rachel D.

Like most schools in New Jersey, our school moved to remote learning during the week of March 16. At first teachers like me scrambled to modify our content to be able to deliver it 100% online, something very different from what we are used to. While this scramble caused many teachers, parents, and students a lot of stress and anxiety, I have to admit, I found happiness in stepping up to the challenge.

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Thank You by Medha S.Thank You

This is a Thank You card created to thank all the first responders and all those who serve us in this pandemic situation.

-- Medha S.