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Quaranzine - Volume 3

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Vol. 3 - July 22, 2020

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Quarantine QuietnessQuarantine Quietness by Avantika D.

I drew this picture to show how sad we are to be locked upon our houses while the world outside looks so bright. Even though we have to stay inside, we can always lift our moods by admiring the view from our windows.

-- Avantika D.

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Night at the REX-bury!Night at the REX-bury! by Ronnie R.

My little brother and I decided to get back into our Dinosaur Halloween Costumes and try to put a smile on people's faces as they drove by. We even got our dog Kahlua in her Stegosaurus costume. It was a prehistoric party!

-- Ronnie R.

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Brad and His Dog, "Love" by Pil C.Brad and His Dog, "Love"

Throughout the quarantine I have created drawings based on photos from family and friends. Brad is my great-nephew.

-- Pil C.

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30 Day Color Meditation by Christen O.30 Day Color Meditation

One of my favorite job duties as a librarian is programming. I like to create a warm and welcoming space for people to come together: to learn; to create; to form relationships. It has been an interesting challenge trying to find new ways to create that space in a world of virtual programming.

When the library purchased CreativeBug for our patrons, two of my crafting "regulars" reached out to ask if we could form a virtual daily challenge group. I decided to do the 30 Day Color Meditation, with the group meeting every Tuesday for six weeks to discuss what they painted that week and to do that day's daily painting together. It was a wonderful experience for so many reasons.

This is a photo of my 30 color meditations. If you would like to see even more photos, including those of some of our participants, please visit our Flickr album here.

-- Christen O.

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Exercise Like My Cat by Denette B.Exercise Like My Cat

I am blessed to have a beautiful cat to help me cope with having to stay away, social distancing, from dear friends I would regularly be exercising with at the YMCA. Her graceful calisthenics keep me motivated.

-- Denette B.

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Sunday Nights by Talia M.Sunday Nights

This is a sonnet about my family during the quarantine.

-- Talia M.

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Daily Color Meditation by Elena C.Daily Color Meditation

These are the moon and speech bubble postcards I made with Miss Christen and Miss Stephanie.

-- Elena C.

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Ring Toss/Hookey Game by Eileen A.Ring Toss/Hookey Game

I was looking for things to make/create that would be able to be enjoyed out in the backyard during this time of social distancing.

-- Eileen A.