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Quaranzine, Volume One

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Vol. 1 - June 10, 2020

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Corgi ChaosCorgi Chaos by Heather M.

I started painting during this quarantine, and this is my best piece so far. I made it for a friend who LOVES corgis, and I made sure to drop it off to her.

-- Heather M.

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Lonely: A Poem by Melissa F.Lonely

It is a poem reflecting my feelings of being isolated on a daily basis due to the stay at home orders in NJ.

-- Melissa F.

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It's All Going to ChangeIt's All Going to Change by Martha C.

Masked people huddle in the rain waiting patiently for something - Testing? Food? Meditating children float above the scene. Purifying incense rains down ash over the umbrellas. The pandemic brought massive change in an instant and will continue to profoundly change our world. Change is a central tenet of Buddhism, and part of human existence; to feel the pain of impermanence and loss can be a profoundly beautiful reminder of what it means to exist.

-- Martha C.

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Things Keeping Me Happy: A List by Christen O.Things Keeping Me Happy

I like lists to keep me focused. This is a list of current things keeping me happy while home.

-- Christen O.

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Social DistanceSocial Distance by Anonymous

Social distance, fear, and isolation.

-- Anonymous

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So Darn Sketchy in LockdownSo Darn Sketchy in Lockdown: A Comic by Stephanie M.

I haven't drawn a comic in years, but leave it to the 2020 quarantine to force my hand. As ridiculous as it may appear, the scene depicted in the right-hand panel is only a very SLIGHT exaggeration of the realities of being in lockdown with the amazing and wonderful as they are!

-- Stephanie M.

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Mother's Day Flowers by AnonymousMother's Day During Quarantine

Some painted flowers for my mom on Mother's Day. My hope is this little picture will continue to brighten her space while we are apart.

-- Anonymous

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Reflections on Gratitude, Transformation, and Hope in the Time COVID-19

A mother and teacher reflects on the changes during COVID-19 and turns to nature to find hope.

-- Rachel D.

Photo by Rachel D.

I’m thankful that the “stay at home” orders happened during Spring in New Jersey when we’re surrounded with flower buds, tiny eggs in birds’ nests, and green plants pushing out of the soil. All are reminders that there is a season for everything: birth, life, death, then the rebirth of spring all over again. A constant transformation of life as we know it.Slowing Down during the weeks since schools closed as part of the social distancing mandates to slow the spread of COVID-19, not only has the spread of the virus slowed, but the pace of life itself has slowed.

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Pussy Willows by Allison Paxton Pussy Willows

This is a painting I did of a vase of pussy willows.

  -- Allison P.

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Monster: A Poem by Melody G.


I love creepy things this poem is a creepy one.

-- Melody G.