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Vol. 4 - September 2, 2020

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Books Forever by Prasham J.Books Forever - Gift of Quarantine

I love books. When it was time to return, I was bit sad as I couldn’t complete all of them but then lockdown started. My mom gave me an idea to keep and remember the book forever is to draw and paint the favorite page of the book. And I can tell story of each book to my younger sister. I did it and Decorated my wall. I feel so happy.

-- Prasham J.

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2020 by Julie S.2020

Inspired by the Covid 19 pandemic and all the uncertainty which it has brought into "2020."

-- Julie S.

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Mushrooms by Art J.Mushrooms

This work was created as an assignment in the sketchbook club from the art department of the Philadelphia Free Library, which is moderated by the inestimable Alina J. The drawing represents the toxic things that surround us, and that we must work with.

-- Art J.

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Pencil Tank Destroys All by AnonymousPencil Tank Destroys All

It's a tank with pencils I made it one afternoon while bored.

-- Anonymous

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Lovely Niece, Wha Yop Yoon by Choe P.Lovely Niece, Wha Yop Yoon

I have spent much of my time during quarantine drawing those I love from photographs. This is my lovely niece Wha Yop Yoon.

-- Choe P.

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Kobe Loves Martha by Choe P.Kobe Loves Martha

After the library closed, my friend Martha sent me a photo of her Mom's dog Kobe, from which I created this drawing. He is a very funny dachshund, full of mischief and love. His loving behavior has brought to us all during this time.

-- Choe P.

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Exercise With My Cat: A Poem with Photography

Exercise With My Cat by Denette B. Exercise With My Cat by Denette B.

Start with a playlist moving to beats,
Purr along with music pointing/flexing your feet.
Stretch your arms reaching sky high,
Gaze at the ceiling with your eyes.
Arch, tall and proud, to a standing backbend.
Run up-and-down stairs again and again.
Recover your breath in a supine position,
Squeeze each body part for relaxed condition.
Return to high cardio before cooling down,
Imitate birds flying upward bound.
Superman, crunches, as many pushups as possible,
Find hide-and-seek places - scenery that's likable.
Congratulate yourself for a great workout!
High intensity - low impact intervals
without going out and about.

-- Denette B.


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The Night After Covid by Sheila L.The Night After Covid

A poem about COVID-19 I tried to keep it light hearted.

-- Sheila L.

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