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Downloadable Audiobooks and eBooks from Overdrive

Go to the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Download Center Go directly to the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Download Center.
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You can borrow digital versions of the latest best sellers, book club favorites, award winning authors, language programs and more from Overdrive. On your computer you can read eBooks online, or you can download audiobooks and eBooks to your computer and listen or read using Overdrive's Media Console. There is no need to return the audiobooks and eBooks.  Use the Libby app on your smartphone or tablet to browse, checkout, and read or listen, all in the same spot.

Getting Started | Searching the Catalog for Overdrive Titles | Downloading a Book | Renewing | Transferring | Deleting a Title | Placing a Hold | Getting Overdrive Media Console | App


Getting Started Using Your Computer

Click on the "Download audiobooks and eBooks" button above. You will be taken to the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Download Center (http://sjrlc.overdrive.com) where you can search or browse for audiobooks and eBooks.  

  • You may check out eight titles at one time. You can choose to check out the title for seven or fourteen days.
  • If you have not downloaded the Media Console follow the directions below for Downloading the Overdrive Media Console.

Searching for Overdrive Titles in CamCat

After the first time you log in at the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Download Center, you can search for, check out, place holds, and download items and stay in the catalog.  You can see all your checkouts and holds in a new Overdrive Tab when you log into My CamCat.


Downloading a Book on a PC or Mac

1. After you have checked out your book click on the "Download Book" button. Audiobooks come in mp3 format. For ebooks choose the format that will work with your device.  Or choose "Overdrive Read" to read the book in any web browser.

Overdrive eBook formats

2. If a window pops up asking if you want to Open or Save, choose to "Open with Overdrive Media Console."

Open with Overdrive

The OverDrive Media Console will open.  For an eBook after the title has downloaded it will open automatically.  For audiobooks the Get Media dialog box will prompt you for a location on your computer where it will download your  files.  If the default location is fine click "OK," otherwise click "Browse" to choose another location.  

Choose Location

4. The "Download Parts" window will open, which allows you to download the entire audiobook or chapters.  This window will also tell you the size of each chapter. Checked boxes next to the chapters have been selected for download. Click "OK" when the chapters you want to download have been selected. Downloading will begin.  A status bar at the bottom of your OverDrive Media Console will tell you what chapter is downloading and the percentage completed.


Choose Parts to Download

5. When your audiobook has finished downloading, double click on the title.  The Overdrive Media Console will begin playing the portion of the book it has downloaded.  Return to the Overdrive Media Console any time you want to continue listening or reading.  The book will start at the point where you had finished listening.


Deleting Audiobooks and eBooks

1. After the checkout period your audiobook will expire. The file you downloaded, however, does not disappear after the license expires -- it still takes up room on your computer and digital media player. You will need to manually remove the file from your computer and portable device. In the Media Console you will see the message below when an item expires. Click the OK button to delete the audio file from your computer. 


Deleting Expired Items

2. You can also delete a book at any time by clicking on the book in the Overdrive Media Console and clicking on "Delete" in the bar at the top of the screen.


You cannot renew downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. However, as long as there is no one else waiting for the book, you may immediately check it out again, and re-download it. Make note of the section of the book you were listening to, as the media console will not remember where you were when you resume listening.   If someone else has requested the book, you can place a hold and be notified when the title is once again available.

Transferring an Audioboook to a Device

1. Make sure the book you want to transfer is highlighted, then click on "Transfer" at the top.

To transfer
2. The Transfer Wizard will launch and guide you through the steps to complete the transfer.  Click on "Next." Transfer Wizard
3. Select the parts you want to transfer.  Then click "Next." Select parts
4. The wizard will transfer the parts of the audiobook that you selected.  After the transfer is complete, you will find the audiobook parts on your portable device. Transferring

Placing a Hold

1. If a book is not available for checkout you may place a hold on the title by clicking on the  "Place a Hold" link on the right side of of the book jacket. If you did not log on to Overdrive you will be prompted for your Library, library card number and PIN.  Select the Camden County Library System as your Library. Click on "Sign in" after you have entered your barcode and PIN.

Place a Hold

2. The system will prompt you to type your e-mail address and an email confirmation.  After you have entered this information click on the "Place a Hold" button.  The system will email you when the title is available for checkout.

You can have up to ten items on your holds list.

More information.

Enter Email Twice

Getting Overdrive Media Console

  1. This free software will allow you to play, bookmark and customize your media library. Download it here.  

  2. Follow the directions for your device on the Overdrive website. You only need to download this software once.

Install OMC on your device.


Using the Libby App

Use the Libby app for Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks.  The one exception is the Kindle Fire. Libby is not currently available to download from the Amazon App Store. Amazon has not as yet given permission for Libby to be listed.  Kindle Fire users can stream ebooks and audiobooks in their browser from libbyapp.com or the OverDrive website.  Users can also deliver Kindle Books to a Fire tablet from a device that supports Libby or from libbyapp.com.  For now, the OverDrive app will also continue to be available from the Amazon Appstore.

Meet Libby

For additional assistance please see OverDrive's Help Page.