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Library Newsletter

The library newsletter is a quarterly publication that features listings of the many programs that we offer for children, teens, and adults.  You can pick up a print copy at any of our branches, read or print out the pdf version of the newsletter online, or read the "page-flip" version online. 

Library Newsletter

Summer 2019 (page flip format)

Summer 2019 (pdf format)


Past issues



Past Newsletters


Winter 2018 -2019 (page flip format)

Winter 2018-2019 (pdf format)

Fall 2018 (page flip format)

Fall 2018 (pdf format)

Summer 2018 (page flip format)

Summer 2018 (pdf format)

Spring 2018 (page flip format)

Spring 2018 (pdf format)

Winter 2017-2018 (page flip format)

Winter 2017-2018 (pdf format)

Fall 2017 (page flip format)

Fall 2017 (pdf format)

Summer 2017 (page flip format)

Summer 2017 (pdf format)

Spring 2017 (page flip format)

Spring 2017 (pdf format)

Winter 2016-2017 (page flip format)

Winter 2016-2017 (pdf format)

Fall 2016 (page flip format)

Fall 2016 (pdf format)

Summer 2016 (page flip format)

Summer 2016 (pdf format)

Spring 2016 (page flip format)

Spring 2016 (pdf format)

Winter 2016 (page flip format)

Winter 2016 (pdf format)

Fall 2015 (page flip format)

Fall 2015 (pdf format)

Summer 2015 (page flip format)

Summer 2015 (pdf format)

Winter 2014 - 2015 (page flip format)

Winter 2014-2015 (pdf format)

Fall 2014 (page flip format)

Fall 2014 (pdf format)

Summer 2014 (page flip format)

Summer 2014 (pdf format)

Spring 2014 (page flip format)

Spring 2014 (pdf format)

Winter 2013/2014 (page flip format)

Winter 2013/2014 (pdf format)

Fall 2013 (page flip format)

Fall 2013 (pdf format)

Summer 2013 (page flip format)

Summer 2013 (pdf format)

Spring 2013 (page flip format)

Spring 2013 (pdf format)

Winter 2012-2013 (page flip format)

Winter 2012-2013 (pdf format)

Fall 2012 (page flip format)
Fall 2012 (pdf format)

Summer 2012 (page flip format)
Summer 2012 (pdf format)

Spring 2012 (page flip format)
Spring 2012 (pdf format)

Winter 2011-2012 (page flip format)
Winter 2011-2012 (pdf format)

Fall 2011
Summer 2011
Spring 2011

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Fall 2010
 Summer 2010
 Spring 2010
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 Fall 2009
 Summer 2009
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