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Get a Library Card - In Person or Online

The Camden County Library System will closed from March 16th at 5 p.m. until further notice.  During this time we are offering free digital library cards to all Camden County Residents.  Feel free to apply for a digital card at this time.  When the library re-opens, you can apply for a library card for all services.

Apply for a free digital card.























If under 18 - date of birth and parent name are required.

Required if under 18.

You must live in a member community to join.

We will use your email address to send notifications when items are due for return, when requests are available for pickup, overdue reminders, and occasional important updates from the library.

In order to use your new library card you will need to create a four-digit (numbers only) PIN.  Store this PIN in a secure spot as you will need it each time you use your library card online. 

I agree to be responsible for all materials charged to this card; to observe all applicable library rules; to pay promptly all charges; and to notify the Library of any changes to this information.

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