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English (ESL) Students

    English (ESL) Students

Free ESL instruction for Camden County adults learning to speak English.

Students from all countries are welcome.


Yetişkinler için ücretsiz İngilizce eğitimi

성인위한 무료 영어 교육

Enseñanza gratis de Inglés para adultos


 फ़ीस दिए बिना अंग्रेज़ी सीखो

Learners must be 18 years or older and live in Camden County. They must be available to meet regularly for two hours a week with a volunteer tutor. They must plan to be living in the U.S, for at least a year. To qualify for a tutor, learners must register with LVCC and be assessed with an oral test (speaking & listening English). We teach beginner and intermediate students only. Tutor and student pairs make their own schedules and meet at a library or any other mutually convenient public place in Camden County. Motivation, commitment and ability to practice speaking will make learning English faster and more rewarding. Tutoring is confidential.

Many of our ESL learners are hoping to get jobs or better jobs, help their children in school, pass the U.S. citizenship test, shop at a market, call for emergency help, and/or speak with doctors and others in the community.

For information or to register, email or call us at (856) 772-1636 ext. 7331

    ESL Conversation Classes

Please contact our office for class information. Students must be tested and receive an admittance form before attending class.

    Citizenship Resources

The Web is a treasure trove for citizenship test preparation. For ESL students, Web sites are often better than books because many ease the challenge by featuring audio. (It’s important to remember that for the famous "100 questions" section of the citizenship interview, a student needs to understand the questions when they’re spoken and be able to speak the answers.)

For just about everything you need to know about studying for citizenship, you can visit the official U.S .Government Web site: The site gives a great overview of the requirements as well as links to study resources.  

People often think the test just involves “The 100 questions.”  But there are several other components to the test.  (Visit the site above for more about that.)  A great aid for studying the 100 questions is the YouTube site.

In fact, if you just go to YouTube and type in "citizenship test," you’ll find videos of interviews for the other parts of the test and even other study materials.  Not all the YouTube videos on citizenship are from the official authority on citizenship, USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).  But you can easily look at the origin of a video and decide for yourself whether you want to spend time on it.

Another site,, features interactive study (including audio for the questions) interactive flashcards, a famous person matching game, and an interactive practice quiz.

For more depth on civics and simple explanations of key civics topics and historical events, try This site, called Preparing for the Oath, is interactive and features visuals and audio with options for a word study with definitions and a teacher’s guide.   


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