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Episode 13: 2017 Wrap Up

Join Christen and special guest Alexis as they wrap up their 2017 Best in Books. They will be discussing their favorite books, most surprising books, most disappointing books, and so much more!

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Christen and Alexis talked about A LOT of books! Here are the covers and links to our library's catalog if you would like to borrow one of the books mentioned in this podcast. We will be adding more covers as the 2018 books mentioned arrive at the library. In the meantime, we listed all books not yet released. As always, thank you for listening!












Coming in 2018:

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restoreMe.jpg       warStorm.jpg         theFatesDivide.jpg

neverWake.jpg        legendary.jpg         queenAirDarkness.jpg

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Christen's Favorite Passage of 2017:

Alexis's Favorite Passage of 2017


Join Christen and Stephanie in February for What Girls Made Are Of by Elana K. Arnold