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Christen OrbanusChristen Orbanus

Christen joined the Camden County Library System as an intern in 2006. Since then, she’s worked with babies through adults and spent 8 years working with teenagers as a Teen Librarian. During that time, she hosted Super Smash Bros. tournaments, participated in teen lip sync battles, and encouraged shenanigans that would have been frowned upon by the librarians of yester years. Christen is currently the Branch Manager of the Merchantville Branch.

Christen is obsessed with YA books {and romance novels} and loves to talk to everyone and anyone about what she’s currently reading. Her dad once said that her super power is the ability to pair a person with his or her perfect book {Thanks dad!} She’s always up for the challenge!

At any particular time, you will see Christen: a) sipping a latte; b) discussing why Twilight was the best thing to happen to YA fiction; c) not reading classical literature; d) taking a selfie; e) covering something in washi tape.

Alexis KarasAlexis Karas

Alexis worked at the Camden County Library System from 2008 - 2017. She's worked with children, teenagers, and adults in her time here, including assisting Christen with children and teen programs. Her favorite program was Read to a Dog.

Alexis loves Young Adult literature so much that she went to school for it. She has her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, Vermont. While she has many novels in the works, she hasn't published any yet. However, her most coveted certificate is her "Most Likely to Become the Next J.K. Rowling" award. 

When she doesn't have her nose in a book, Alexis likes to spend her time cuddling with her dog and debating with Christen about books, especially Twilight.

Emily Moore

Emily began her library career at the Brooklyn Public Library in teen services after having way too good of a time as a camp counselor for high schoolers ((They want to pay me to hang out with teenagers? Yes!)) Starting at the Ferry Avenue Branch, Emily joined CCLS in 2011 and is currently the Head of Youth Services at the Voorhees Branch. She gets to do a little bit of everything there, serving babies to teens and everyone in between.   She is particularly proud of the monthly Graphic Novel Book Club for tweens started in September 2017 and going strong!

Emily has never read Twilight and does not have any plans to.

 Stephanie Middleton

Stephanie joined the Camden County Library System in 2015, after working in various youth services librarian positions in both New Jersey and Texas. She is currently the Young Adult Librarian at the Gloucester Twp. Branch Library. Stephanie creates and runs programs for tween and teens such as Art Club, STEAM Scene, Book Bites, Perler Parties, and more. One aspect of the job that she particularly enjoys is collection development -- ordering new middle grade and young adult books and cultivating an awesome collection for her patrons!

Stephanie loves commuting to work because she is an avid listener of audiobooks, and is constantly using the library's eAudiobooks via hoopla and Overdrive. Even though she is a middle-aged woman with kids of her own, she has never really grown up, and pretty much exclusively reads books written for tweens and teens, frequently using the excuse that "It's all in the name of my career!"

Back in its glory days, Stephanie did cave in and read the first of the Twilight series. She couldn't stomach reading the rest, but she did watch all of the movies, which were a bit more tolerable!

Christen OrbanusRyan Lammers

Ryan came to the Camden County Library System in 2012 as a Reference Librarian in the Adult Services department. He primarily staffed the Reference and Information desks for two years, while moonlighting as a basic computer skills instructor, drop-in technology assistant, and once facilitated a multi-session online course about non-avian dinosaurs through the library.

In 2014 he moved upstairs and behind closed doors, joining the Technical Services Department as the Collection Development Librarian where he works still. Now his days are filled with spreadsheets, fund lines, and vendor contracts so it is often with some enthusiasm that he escapes to discuss YA books for an hour.

Ryan has never read Twilight and is not sure he could pick washi tape out of a line-up. His preferred literary genres tend to be Historical Fiction, Fantasy, or Sci Fi and he is a big fan of Graphic Novels generally (as his hoopla checkout history will show).

Christen OrbanusSarah Dziunycz

Sarah worked at the Camden County Library System from 2013 - 2019. She joined in 2013 as a Monitor at the Gloucester Township Branch. She advanced to her current position of Library Assistant in 2014. Sarah loves the library so much that she is earning a Master's at Rutgers University in order to become a Young Adult Librarian.

When not at the library, Sarah can be found testing out a new recipe, starting a new crafting adventure, or getting lost in a book.

At the time of Twilight's release, Sarah was a young buck and devoured the series. Her standards for books have developed since then and is a more critical reader. (Which would help explain why she wrote a passionate term paper about classic vampire literature during her undergraduate days.)