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Angst in YA Fiction (and How We Measure It)

Oh angst! That knot in your stomach. That boiling rage. That feeling that no one will ever know your life and struggles. Those first world problems. (#fwp)

It’s hard not to find angst all over YA books. Some books slather it on (::cough:: Twilight) and some are more subtle. Every reader has a certain level of tolerance for angst, which is why Alexis and I came up with a handy little angst rating system for the books we review. We want you to have plenty of warning before you open that front cover.

Each episode of Young Adult at Heart will discuss a particular book’s angst level. Alexis and I don’t always agree and we would love to hear your opinions on the subject. Take a look at our list and let us know what you think. Are we off base? Are we missing a particularly angsty teen character? Do you wish YA books had more angst? We want to know!

Angst Level

  1. Hazel Grace Lancaster {The Fault in our Stars} - No drama! Level headed.
  2. Rose Hathaway {Vampire Academy} - Boy problems, but sense of humor and a kicker of butts.
  3. Tris Prior {Divergent} - I jump off tall buildings, but I died from a gunshot.
  4. Jonas {The Giver} - You want to release me? I’ll run away.
  5. Cinder {Lunar Chronicles} - Nobody loves me. How can I rule the galaxy?
  6. Katniss Everdeen {The Hunger Games} - WHO WILL SHE PICK?!?!?! Reluctant hero.
  7. Eleanor {Eleanor & Park} - Horrible family. All the haters hate.
  8. Harry Potter {The Order of the Phoenix} - EVERYTHING IS IN CAPS!
  9. Holden Caulfield {Catcher in the Rye} - The #1 anti hero. The king of nothing happening.
  10. Bella Swan {Twilight} - DROWNING IN ALL THE ANGST!!!!!!!!


Thanks for reading...