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Camden County Library shares an ebook collection with other South Jersey libraries containing more than 11,000 fiction and nonfiction titles, with added titles that only Camden County Library members can check out.  You may have eight titles checked out at a time, and may choose from a 7 or 14 day borrowing period.  You can also choose from over 15,000 free public domain books from Project Gutenberg that do not count against your checkout limit. The Overdrive ebooks come in Adobe PDF, Adobe ePub, or Kindle format.  There are many devices that can view Overdrive eBooks in a variety of formats.  The Kindle can only view books in the Kindle format.  See the list of supported devices to find out if your device can view Overdrive eBooks.

You can also check out downloadable audiobooks from the website.  See specific instructions for downloadable audiobooks.  

Find and Check Out eBooks | Place a HoldRead in Web Browser | Check Out | Download to Your Device | Renewing | Your Account |   Download Adobe Digital Editions | Transferring an Adobe eBook

Find and Check Out eBooks

Click on the "Download audiobooks/eBooks" button above. You will be taken to the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Download Center website where you can search for eBooks or browse through all available eBook titles.  After you have chosen and checked out titles the process will be different depending on your eReader.  Follow the instructions in the green sidebar on the right of the page for your device.

1. Log into your account by clicking on the "Sign In" link in the top right corner.  Camden County Library has some titles that only our members can check out, and to see these titles you need to be logged in.
2.  Choose Camden County Library from the dropdown menu.
3.  Enter your library card number and PIN. Log in
4. On the main page of the South Jersey Audiobook and eBook Download Center you can Search for a specific title or author, browse by subject, see new and recently returned eBooks and audiobooks, and search for public domain eBooks (for which there are no checkout limits.)

5. As you search through the titles, look in the top right corner of the book jackets.  An eBook will have a picture of an open book, and an audiobook will have a picture of headphones.  If the picture is black, the book is available to check out at that time.  If the picture is gray the book is not currently available and you will need to wait for the title.

At the bottom left corner of each book jacket is a ribbon.  If you click on the ribbon you add the title to your wish list.  If the ribbon is red it is in your wish list.

5. Use "Advanced Search" to to fine-tune your search.

6. As you are browsing through book titles (on every page but the homepage) look at the left column.  Here you can limit your search.  Click on the "Show me only titles with copies available" button to see titles that you can check out today.
7. You can sort by when the title was added to the site, the title, author, release date and popularity.  You can also narrow down your search by format, subject, publisher, language, rating and device.  If there is a number next to the limiter, click on the box and you will see more choices. Limit your search
7. Click on the book jacket to learn more about the book and to check it out.  On the main page for the book you can find the formats the book is available in, and the categories.  You can often find a sample to read.  Near the bottom is a book description, and reviews if available.  You can see the default checkout time of 7 days.  Click on the link for "Change" to check out the book for 14 days.
8. At the top left if you see an "advantage" graphic, it means that the Camden County Library purchased additional copies of the title that are only available for its members.

Place a Hold

9 If the title is currently checked out you will see a button to "Place a Hold."  Click on this button.

Place a Hold
10. Enter your email address twice and click on "Place a Hold" at the bottom of the page.  When the title becomes available you will receive an email.  You have two days to pick up your hold. Place a Hold

Check Out Book

11. If the book is currently available there will be a "Borrow" button.   Click on it to check out the book.

12. The book has been checked out.  You can download it to your device or read it in your web browser.

Download to Your Device

15. Check the box "Download."  Choose a format that is readable on your device. (Consult the Overdrive Resource Center) to see the formats available for your device.  See the green sidebar at the right for specific instructions for the most common devices.

Read in Web Browser

13. Click on the "Read (in your browser)" button. The book will open in your browser.  Click on the left or right side to turn the page.  Click on the top or bottom to scroll up and down.  When you are finished reading click in the top left corner to set a bookmark.  The next time you go back to the book, no matter which browser you are using, you will return to the page at which you finished reading.

14.  On the right side of the page you can see the table of contents, and the bookmarks you have set.  You can search for words within the book, and you can change the font, the font-size, alignment and line spacing.

Your Account

When you click on the "Your Account" link you can see all the titles you have checked out, your holds (the items you have requested) and your lists.  Your lists include the items on your wish list, the titles you have rated, and the books that Overdrive recommends based on what you have previously checked out.

You can also see how many titles you have checked out and how many more you can borrow.


You cannot renew eBooks. However, as long as there is no one else waiting for the book, you may immediately check it out again, and re-download it. If someone else has requested the book, you can place a hold and be notified when the title is once again available.

Downloading Adobe Digital Editions

Some devices, like the Nook (except the Tablet), require you to download to your computer first and then use a usb cable and Adobe Digital Editions to transfer them to compatible devices. (See the instructions for your device for more information, or visit the Overdrive Device Resource Center.) The download link for Adobe Digital Editions can be found here. This link contains detailed information on downloading and activating Adobe Digital Editions for Windows or Mac.


Transferring an Adobe eBook

  • After you have checked out your book click on the "Download Book" button. If you are asked to choose whether to Save or Open the File choose Open.
  • Adobe Digital Editions will open and your eBook will be downloaded. The book will be available to read on your computer.
  • When you attach your compatible device to the computer, Adobe Digital Editions will recognize it and guide you through the steps to transfer the title to the device.
  • After the checkout period your eBook will automatically expire - you do not need to return it. The file you downloaded, however, does not disappear after the license expires -- it still takes up room on your computer and digital device. You will need to manually remove the file from your computer and portable device. To delete a file from your computer quickly, open Adobe Digital Editions and select Library View. Click on the small arrow to the left of the title in your library. Click on "Delete" in the dropdown menu.

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